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Am I good enough for this job?


Change is scary! Of course, impostor syndrome does not help when fear and the syndrome meet. Now, after COVID's damage, you realize that life is short and you should just go for that dream job! You begin to wonder why you didn't do this before and realize that doubt was getting in the way. COVID has found a way to empower many people, to strive for more and it also opened your eyes to the job you have been hanging on to even though it no longer meets your needs. The reason? It is familiar, you know how to do it well. You have already minimized the margin for error and you don't have to give up your personal time for your job. But COVID has also shown us a face of organizations we did not know it had. How does a company accommodate the needs of its employees during extremely stressful circumstances? Some did not. Others thrived at this!

Whatever route took you to make a jump towards the unknown, it is an empowering move that can be destroyed easily. So you guard it and protect it until something comes out of this.

Slowly, doubt can creep back into your mind. Am I good enough for this job I want to apply for? Will I get a callback? Am I really ready to give up what I know? Should I give my job another chance?

But most important of all...Should I just be patient and hope the job realizes I need growth?

But reframing your thought process may be the most important factor in landing your dream job!

For your next move, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are my strengths right now? What am I proud of as a professional?

  2. What do I want to ultimately achieve professionally?

  3. What makes me happy about my career?

  4. Who can I talk to at work now that can give me some guidance on achieving this internally?

  5. Am I patient enough?

The answer to these questions may help you feel motivated enough to take the leap and make a change!

Tips to finding your career:

  • Find something that makes you feel like spending time doing it, is time well spent.

  • Find a career that you can become a mentor for someone else.

  • Allow yourself to learn new things so that you continue to be a well-rounded person.

  • Believe that you can do it! Without your own support, you won't get anywhere you'd like to be.

So, with these tips and questions. Journey on to the next step! Do it slowly, with patience, and be proud of what you have accomplished so far. It is a stepping stone to your future throne!


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