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Diana Zuniga, PHR

CEO and Founder of Career Maturity

 "Life is too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled." - Diana Zuniga

My professional background entails more than 7 years in Human Resources and I am certified as a Professional of Human Resources since May 2021.

I am originally from Medellin, Colombia, and have lived in the United States since I was 8 years old. I lived in Connecticut for most of my life but moved to Houston, TX when I was 26 years old with my husband. I have two sons who I adore and yearn to always be the best mother I can be every day. The love and support from my whole family gives me the strength to shoot for the moon so I can land among the stars. 

Resume Highlights:

7 Yeas in Human Resources

1 Certificate in Women In Leadership from Cornell University.

1 Certificate from NSLS for Leadership.

1 Certificate for Professional in Human Resources from HRCI


B.A from the University of Connecticut in Communication and minor in International Studies.

M.B.A from Unversity of Phoenix with a focus in Healthcare. 

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Business Management with a focus on Human Resources.



HR Houston

NSLS (Honors Society)

Upsilon Phi Delta (Honors Society)

About Me: About Me

Vision Statement

Our vision is to help produce confident professionals who know they need to improve but also know their own value. Our services are geared to help those who don't know where to start and don't have resources to start. As a company, we hope to touch as many lives as we can and empower as many communities as possible.

About Me: About

Mission Statement

Career Maturity is a one of a kind experience. By working together with the client we provide personalized resumes and training. Thanks to the diversity of this field, we can work with anyone within the United States virtually. As long as our clients can talk on the phone or do zoom calls, we can service you. 

Our ability to re-create and rebrand your resume so that it portrays you and makes you marketable is one of our biggest services. 

Our interview training also sets us aside, since we work tirelessly to train and empower individuals to the point they no longer need us. 

Our long term goals are to provide diversity and encouragement to everyone who needs it either virtually or in person. 

We value our costumers and our staff. We encourage our own like we do our clients. Together, we can work on creating a world full of leaders.

About Me: About

Core Values

  • We Respect: everyone you interact with.

  • We Hire: the best people in the field.

  • We Invest: time in our clients and our staff.

  • We Communicate: new ideas and different ways to look at a situation.

  • We are Passionate: we add passion to everything we do.

  • We Empower: our clients and our staff by highlighting the good and working on the areas that need progress.

  • We Value Team Work: working together as a team with our clients and our staff to accomplish our goals everyday.

  • We Have Balance: by highlighting the importance of creating balance in every aspect of our clients and staff's life.

  • We are Flexible: with everything that we encounter so that we can move swiftly and encounter better outcomes.

About Me: About
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